So, understand that witchcraft isn't consorting with demons, but I'm wondering if there's any sort of it that deals with protection from some kind of unfriendly spirit? I have a friend who's been waking up with strange scratches and things for years, and trying to find help. He said he's had an exorcism, but I don't really feel like I would trust the effectiveness of one, since he doesn't even know what the culprit is. :/ I'm trying to find him some helpful answers.

That’s a complicated subject because there are two types of “demons”. there are entities that can haunt a person, and there are “inner demons”, which are parts of that person that was supressed, or negative energies created out violence and frustration (but there are part of that person). 

In the first case, is recommended the aid of someone that deals with it, like a priest or something like that.
In the second case, when the person deals with that issue that is the root of this negative energy within, then this energy is dissipated. It can be through therapy, meditation…

Things that can help people with this problem is

  • Meditation, to enhance energy, clear energy field
  • Herbal/salt bath
  • Stay away from addiction, acts of violence, negative deeds and thoughts
  • Be charitable. This raises the energy field and open the chakras
  • Cleanse spiritually the house, specially the room with incense,anything like that. 
  • Have the house always physically cleaned and a good hygene (negative energies feed on energies generated by dirtyness and disorganization)
  • cast a protection circle around the bed, when going to sleep (it can with salt, it can be with herbs like rosemary
  • Have crystals like black tourmaline, onyx around the house for protection
  • I don’t know your friend’s religion. But we all have guradian angels or spirits. So he can connect with that by writing a letter, asking for protection. Prayer is a good way to connect with a higher power
  • Eating well, exercising, having a healthy routine can help to keep him grounded, which makes the negative energy weaker
How would you define a witch? I'm mostly into witchcraft for medicinal purposes; I use essential oils and incense every day, do chakra energy work, and use crystals for healing. I occasionally do blessings and meditate, but not very often. I don't know if that's enough to identify as a witch. What's your opinion? ( and thanks for your time. c: xoxo )

There isen’t a sense of “enough” when it comes to witchcraft. It’s not the amount of things that make someone a witch, but rather if this person identifies itself as a witch. 
If you follow any tradition, then you have things to follow, and certain things you must do in order to be part of that tradition.
But if you are solitary, then you decide what is “enough” for yourself. You pick what you connect with and what makes sense to you and that’s your personal path. No one has anything to say if it’s not witch enough, because that’s your decision. 
As long as you study the path and practice what is right for you, then it’s up to you to be confident on seeing yourself as a witch. This confidence comes with time.

Hi I saw a post as to where you told a anon you think he/she might have a connection with water...I was wondering how and where can I learn about that. My sun sign is air but I love water too and the earth I love being barefooted and my idea of a prefect day is a rainy one. I'm new to all of this and I'm very interested.

The best way to learn it is by experiencing it and letting it lead you. Because for each person it can be different.
Since you like rain, you can meditate in the rain, if you don’t mind getting wet. 

  • Collect rain water and cleanse your stuff, 
  • drink rain water. 
  • Have it in a bowl or cup to meditate (focusing on the water, relax, breathe, allow it to connect with you). 
  • In the full moon, you can get a bowl with water and meditate in the reflection of the moon in the water. 
  • Some people use it to scry (to see the future, another dimension, the mind realm…)
  • Make your daily meditation always focused on water and what it means, feel the flexibility of water even when you are not in touch with it. Learn the aspect of it. 
  • Take notes on the sensations you get from your experiences. 
  • Have a fish as a pet, if you like that. If you have the sensibility to connect with fishes, It  will enhance your ability to connect with water. 
  • Work with blue crystals

But don’t forget all your elements should be balanced. We all have aspect of the four elements and they must be in balance. 

(part 2) that will influence other people without their permission. Do crystals work this way? Or will the intention of the gift matter more? Could there be negative consequences associated with this? I'm fairly new to this so I thought I would ask for advice, I'm sorry about the long messages! I've been looking into citrine as it is supposed to bring good luck,success and positivity, and it doesn't need to be cleansed... I would really appreciate your help if you're not too busy. Thank you! xx

A crystal will influence a person’s energy. But it will only have some effective results if this person is open to it. So it’s not wrong to gift a crystal to someone with a good intent and there won’t be a negative consequence because the crystal only fully aid if the person allows it. 

  • Citrine is a great idea, because it gives strength, will power which will make the person attract good luck. 
  • Agathe is also a stone of strenght, courage, confidence…
  • Bloodstone- related to abundance, strength, adaptability, 
  • Calcite- amplify energies (protection, learning, strength)
  • Garnet- self confidence, regeneration, vitality
  • Green quartz (basically any green stone); is related to abundance, good luck

Hello.:) I started witchcraft pretty recently and I started to accept myself more.:) I found my path in magic because of your blog.:D I wanted to ask you what kind of witch are you. And is there a spell for a person to be kinder to you or something?

I’m a solitary practitioner,I work with kitchen witchery, faeries, angels, among other things…

It’s not a good thing to cast a spell to make someone to be nice to you. The reason why is because there are a million personal reasons why that person is not nice to you. So it’s not okay to mess up with someone else’s psychological side.
But people tend to react to us depending on how we act to them. Have you ever notice how you behave different around different people? We all do that. It depends on the person’s behavior, the conection, etc…
What you can do in this case is cast a spell ON YOURSELF for you to inspire this person to be nicer to you. 
It can be a simple spell as writing down your wish and burning with a candle. Some tips for you to cast your spell

  • pink candles are related to friendship, sociability
  • friday is a good day to cast this kind of spell
  • focus in the element fire; represented by the candle’s flame (fire is related to inspiration)
  • Try to cast the spell during the day
  • For oils and incenses: lavender, strawberry, rose, violet, vanilla
  • waxing moon or full moon are fine for this spell
  • While burning the paper visualize your goal being achieved