How do I find out what my element/elements are?

You can find that out by your zodiac:

  • Aries- 21s, march- FIRE
  • Taurus- 20th, april- EARTH
  • Gemini- 21st, may- AIR
  • Cancer- 22nd, june- WATER
  • Leo- 23rd, july- FIRE
  • Virgo- 23rd august- EARTH
  • Libra- 23rd september- AIR
  • Scorpio- 24th october- WATER
  • Sagittarius- 22nd, november- FIRE
  • Capricorn- 22nd, december- EARTH
  • Aquarius- 20th, january- AIR
  • Pisces- 19th, ferbuary- WATER

I looked what color my aura was and it was a really light blue almost white color. What does that mean?

You should keep looking to see if thats really the color
it’s normal in the beginning to one not be able to see the full color
blue is related to teaching, communication, healing, sensibility, phylosopher,  thinker, religious or spiritual…

I had started to meditate and got really caught up with this scene of a large shire horse and grey wolf dancing and chasing each other in the forest. I know it sounds weird but I thought that maybe you could help me figure it out. I've only recently started to mediate on a regular bases to help me find my path in Wicca

It could be your totem animals.
A person can have more then one totem animal at the same time.
And the fact they were playing around means they are in harmony- both aspects of your personality or of things in your life are in harmony despite the differences

Keep meditating, and pay attention to your dreams to see if you can catch more about it.

Do you knows what pros, cons, and magical benefits having a mouse as a familiar would be? Also, if the witch in question has the spirit animal of a black cat...?

If your spirit animal wich i guess you mean totem animal is a cat, this is linked to your personality.
If you don’t have any negative feelings towards mouse therefore neither does the representation of the your totem in your life. 

There isen’t really a general pros and cons on having a pet as a familiar. The pros and cons is related to the individual itself.
If you wanna discover the pros and cons related to you:

  • You must first understand the mouse characteristics
  • Then observe the personality of the one you are gonna get

  • Think about your personality (your limitations, skills, likes…)
  • Think about what is that you like your familiar to help you with

  • Now compare the answer from the two first indications with the two last and see if the mouse can match your personality and what you expect from a familiar